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Jobs In UK Part Time – How I found my part time job….

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

If you are like many people in the UK who are trying to find a decent part time work, then you know very well, that it is not as easy as it seems. There are websites you can browse for part time work in London, or Birmingham or other cities but you can not actually find anything that you can imagine doing happily for some extra cash. I was exactly in the same situation, needing some extra cash, unable to find part time work.

I had to be a bit more creative and eager than that so I started to ask around my friends how they are doing in this economic climate. Many complained, no surprise here really.

One of them on the other hand was very happy to share his part time job story with me, and naturally with my ears wide open I listened to every word he said…..

His part time work included no strict application, he was simply welcomed to a major uk company to work, whenever he feels like it, part time, alongside his current commitments.

Honestly I could not believe what he was telling, but he also explained that this company and the industry as well is growing at such a massive rate, that they are prepared to work with literally anybody in any area of the UK.

Affectively you work when you want, part time, in the UK.

It sounded like the ideal part time work, at least for me who doesn’t really have much experience with anything apart from construction.

I am not sure if anybody else needs jobs part time, in the UK, but in case you do, Click here to see the company’s website.

Good luck with your quest to find jobs in uk part time.

Jobs In UK Part Time – It is easy to find a good part time work!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Yes I am sure we all need some extra money nowadays, so many of us will have to look for some type of part time work.

I work in the construction industry full time with my little business, and I have to say, getting jobs is nowhere near as easy as it was just a few years ago. I needed to find some extra cash, in the form of a part time job. When I started looking for some extra work, I had not idea how difficult it might be to find work that:

A,  I can do around my current commitments

B,  I can actaully get accepted (being only good at carpentry really)

C, Will give me some extra cash, along with some kind of future potential

I have to admit I was not very successful, it just seemed impossible to find anything that I could possibly do. THen one day about 12 months ago, as I was complaining about how I needed to find a part time work to a good friend of mine, he explained to me that he just started to work with a company part time, and maybe I could get involved too.

Well I was very excited when he talked about this major UK company, and the actual work he does part time. He told me that this was one of the easiest if not THE easiest part time work to start for more or less anybody in the uk. Jobs in UK part time could not be easier to find if we now where to look, and if we are prepared to work hard.